Interim Management

Do you have a gap to fill? I’ll cover that gap when it gets too wide to straddle.

I am a “work nomad” – here today, gone tomorrow. Yet this kind of job is intentional – it is the only way to learn, develop, get better and progress. And: I love change and challenges.

Due to my many years as a specialist and manager in an extremely competitive field with enormous job performance expectations, I work well under pressure and stress while remaining both a strong manager but being sensitive to the current circumstances of a company.

Having excellent language skills both written and spoken is as equally important as being a specialist in software. I love variety and welcome new challenges making me suitable, regardless of the type of business, for many operations.
I can assist in the following areas:

I deliver exactly what you need in the amount you want.

Naturally, I am happy to provide you with an individual proposal.  You can reach me personally or with this  contact form.