”Don’t be nice, be real.“ - Kelly Bryson

“Samya Hashish’s coaching is very structured. With her analytically precise mind, she quickly grasps feelings and situations and recognizes the causes of self-imposed blockages. Whether privately or professionally, she has brought me forward step by step with the right exercises and questions. Samya has an incredibly good memory, so she keeps all the details in focus. I felt that I was in very good hands with her, because helping other people is close to her heart.”

Claudia Dahnelt, Yogastudio Lotusblume / Yoga Instructor (BYV) (2010)

”Don’t be nice, be real.“ - Kelly Bryson

“Samya is an excellent coach. She has the enthusiasm to encourage people wholeheartedly towards achieving their goals. Not only does she listen to your words, but she also reads your body language and facial expressions, and has a sharp human insight. Samya guides you gently into the right direction, even when this is sometimes not the easiest way to go. I highly recommend Samya’s work. 

Samya helped me to bring my inner self to glow. I know now what I am able to do, and I respect and accept myself the way I am.”

Holly Hammond, Frankfurt am Main (2010)