Lectures, evening events and workshops

„Those that know, do. Those that understand, teach.” – Aristoteles

I am happy to be at your disposal as an expert for your events.

In lectures, evening events or workshops you will learn everything I know about topics from brain research/neuroscience, but also about leadership and project management topics.

Translating scientific findings into an easy-to-understand language and presenting them to people in companies, organizations and educational institutions in a practical way – that is the art.

„Those that know, do. Those that understand, teach.” – Aristoteles

Neuroscientific topics

As a member of the AFNB Academy, I have tools and instruments at hand to convey this knowledge from the perspective of brain research in exciting lectures. I am in contact with leading European brain researchers and experts several times a year.

Choice of topics:

  • Ego at the limit – narcissism – causes and behavior patterns
  • Motivation – how does motivation develop in the brain
  • Decisions
  • Mindfulness – mindful business
  • Memory and recollection

The basis is the direct dialogue with leading neuroscientists, neuroexperts and psychologists and my own professional training.

With a better understanding and awareness of neurobiological mechanisms, we can influence them to a greater extent, and better understand human behavior. Neuroscientific findings can be applied in many areas of professional and private life.

The regular online academy meetings always give me new, valuable impulses.

Let yourself be carried away on a journey into our fascinating brain!

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Leadership & Project Management

Management by Heroes – what we can and cannot learn from heroes

„The future has many names. For the weak she is the unreachable, for the fearful she is the unknown, for the brave she is opportunity.” – Victor Hugo

The crises in the financial markets – especially the showdown in 2008 and 2009, has drastically shown us where we can end up when we don’t set safety barriers. What has come out of this is a call for a return to moral values such as honesty and humility, and that character, integrity and decency must be returned to the executive suite of top management – this at least according to a poll taken by Egon Zehnder International on behalf of leading Swiss companies at the time.

„The future has many names. For the weak she is the unreachable, for the fearful she is the unknown, for the brave she is opportunity.” – Victor Hugo

A representative poll from GfK Market Research Nuremberg at the time indicated that the majority of Germans asked (78.6%) would prefer greater focus on values rather than on individual persons, and more than half (56.3%) indicate that role models should have a major function in society. A more recent poll found that more than eight in 10 respondents (83.3%) complained that most people nowadays tend to choose questionable role models, such as fashion models or pop stars. A good three quarters (78.6%) continue to prefer to be guided by certain values ​​or “everyday heroes”.

We need role models. They provide courage and hope in difficult times whether it is in our professional or private lives 1.

It is time for heroes not because they are role models but because they possess certain characteristic properties.

It is time for heroes because we need role models that are not only interested in shareholder-value principles. 

It is time for heroes, because teaching and learning have only limited roles in learning institutes to instruct real leadership. 

It is time for heroes because without them it won’t work:

  • Why we need to follow role models
  • Leading with courage, staying human- what are the virtues of a hero
  • Leading without a title

Heroes are neither perfect nor do they understand everything. They prefer to communicate by doing rather than with words and don’t expect to be loved by all. Respect is enough for a hero. And his task is to leave a positive trail in the world for others. They see themselves as responsible world citizens on the only known inhabitable planet Earth.

And…what do you stand for?
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1) Source: free translation – taken from the German book “„Das Hannibal Prinzip“ – Joachim Franz, Christof Kreimeyer, Uwe Kuntz; 2010, Campus Verlag, Frankfurt am Main.

Mission Possible – Motivation and teamwork in project management

Books on project management are as plentiful as ocean sand. Everything has already been said over process models, check lists, process design, and project management methods. This presentation concerns itself with project managers who have mastered their professional skills, in other words, have already acquired their leadership rights. Although these skills and tools are necessary, they are not sufficient: a project manager must also possess an inner attitude. For me, a key success factor for a project is: people management.

A project is always a journey through unknown waters. It is important to achieve goals and overcome problems under the special, temporary framework conditions. A true heroic task! An apt metaphor of this is the “Hero’s Journey”, a story told over the centuries and across world cultures to describe the process of change. The pattern of the archetypes of the heroes of history can always be carried over as a learning process to a project, especially when it comes to managing the unexpected. 

This talk will show you how to stay the course as a project manager, and how to navigate through project storms by utilizing the wisdom of the heroes of history. 

  • Establishing goals from the start
  • Motivation- Mission Impossible?

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